About Connected Families

Our Mission

Connected Families is a parents' advocacy and support group for families caring for someone with a developmental disability that will inspire, encourage, educate and empower families.


Our Vision

Funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and in partnership with  Community Living Burlington, Connected Families is a parent directed resource for those of us who have a family member with a developmental disability. As its name implies, Connected Families aims to enhance our ability to work together to offer support, information and understanding. Connected Families encourages family leadership to help build an inclusive community .
The Vision for Connected Families is to bring together our community of caregivers and to share our strengths and wisdom. Through our connection we can inspire each other to work towards common goals. It is the hope of Connected Families to become a vital part of the journey we are on together.


The history of Connected Families started by several parents of adults with developmental disabilities from Community Living Burlington getting together to make a difference.  It came out of the need for better support and services for our family members. Many families have found the system very challenging and are not finding help in their communities.  There is a great lack of communication with government agencies and support groups. Responding to this need in our community Connected Families partnered with Community Living Burlington. Together we have received funding to inspire, encourage, educate, and empower families.


1.       To connect with over 200 families by 2018.
2.       To host regular meetings/workshops.
3.       To work in collaboration with all service agencies.
4.       To advocate for our family member with a developmental disability.
5.       To ensure that our family member participates in meaningful and enjoyable programs.
6.       To offer support and information to each other in an organized forum.



"Connected Families would like to thank
The Ontario Trillium Foundation for their support."